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Preliminary Task #edtechccp1

I am a bit of a tech-head and I love discovering new applications and technology that enhance and propel learning in my class. Active learning plays a large part in my classroom and technology allows my pupils to be active and creative in their learning.

I am familiar with online learning and use GLOW effectively within my classroom, accessing national resources and creating my own. Pupils remain enthusiastic about this having their work on display online to be viewed from any location. I am always looking for interesting and interactive ways to include more technology in my teaching.

I have good ICT skills and can usually negotiate my way around new applications and technologies easily. I am hoping that by taking part in the #edtechcc course (but not a course!) I will find out some creative angles to include in my classroom.

At the moment I am encouraging my pupils to blog within their e-portfolios, I have been on the course and know how to set these up and understand how useful a blog format can be, however, being on the other side and writing my own blog is entirely different! I think being practically involved in blogging will give me an understanding of the problems my pupils may encounter in their work.

I am well acquainted with Facebook and aware of twitter but blogging is a new kettle of fish for me! So already I have benefited of being part of this.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with others and benefiting from the knowledge of my colleagues.

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This is my first post and really just a test to see if I can do this. At the moment I am pushing e-portfolios in my class and expecting my pupils to blog in them. It is interesting sitting on the other side and having a go for myself.

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